Health insurance for real estate agents

Almost all real estate agents are independent contractors, so health insurance is consequently often not part of their employment. As a result, the growing cost of staying well is another burden to add to the various costs of running this type of business. Historically, agents who are independent contractors haven’t been eligible for employer health insurance. One real estate executive said firms don’t offer or administer insurance because they do not have the administrative manpower for that.

Being a Real Estate agent has its privileges. Members have expressed that access to insurance would be one of the greatest benefits they could get. Just like millions of real estate agents in the U.S., it is time to explore the best insurance options.

If you work as a full-time real estate agent for a large company, your employer is required to offer you health insurance. If you are a self-employed real estate agent, you can purchase health insurance through the Realtors’ Insurance Marketplace, the Healthcare Exchange Marketplace or through a private broker. If you do not buy any health insurance, you could be at a high risk is something goes wrong in the future with your health situation.

As the Chicago real estate market evolves, so do the risks associated with real estate transactions. Victor O. Schinnerer & Company’s Real Estate Errors & Omissions insurance program provides real estate agents, brokers, appraisers, commercial agents, leasing agents, mortgage brokers, and property managers the modern, flexible coverage they need to operate in today’s changing market.

Health insurance for real estate agents can be tough to find. Join Keller Williams and not only will you get the best real estate training and support, but the option of affordable health care with the KW Wellness Program. Existing KW agents, check out more on KW Wellness through KW Connect.

If your are a real estate agent, do you own your LLC company? Can you buy health insurance as a real estate agent? Some real estate agents are planning to retire early this year. They have health insurance coverage until they retire. They could 60 or 61 when they retire. Their retirement benefits are about $2,000 per month normally.

Illinois health insurance for realtors is available to the real estate community. Realtors find themselves in a unique situation. Many real estate firms hire agents as contract workers and they do not offer insurance. This means that many real estate agents are self-employed and as such, must get their own health insurance.

Professional liability insurance for real estate agents is a smart investment because it can protect your business from potential claims and unpredictable risks. Professional liability insurance, sometimes called errors and omissions insurance (E&O insurance), is coverage for claims against businesses that provide professional and personal services — for real estate businesses among other businessses.

The company Illinois Real Estate Continuing Education is Illinois real estate education experts and they know what real estate agents need when it comes to health insurance. Time is valuable, so they offer simple, straightforward programs that satisfy your requirement. Their flexible programs allow agents to earn credit on their schedule – choosing from self-study, classes, webinars, and online distance education. This can definitively help real estate brokers, particularly the younger ones who do not know all the ropes yet.

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